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BUGGY SX 1928 RED 24 Volts, 4 Motors ,FM radio, Bluetooth

Top Rate new development of 2020 KIDS ELECTRIC RIDE ON Buggy 4 x 4 CAR!

                                                        Red  Version

One of the our larger UTV Model - Exclusive MiniMotoToys - 24 VOLT VERSION !!!

It can be used for bigger kids from 3 up to 11 years old up to 5 feet high! Maximum Wight up to 200 LB . The spacious and comfortable 3 seat - 2 Leather Seat - 21 inches , and a hidden stool in front. !!!
Explosion-proof Rubber Wheels- 15 Inches Exclusive MiniMotoToys update , low noise, strong grip, durable, and suitable for all terrains.
IT'S a recreational motor vehicle with large wheels, and wide RUBBER tires, designed for use on OFF ROAD !!!
Buggies almost by definition, are built to be driven fast and hard. Car size 57-38-31 ( Length-Width-Height) . WEIGHT - 80 POUND . COMFORTABLE SALON ENOUGH SPACE EVEN FOR MOST TALL RIDERS ( kids 3 to 11 ). Buggy is a great option and is our pick for the best kids go-cart. This is electric Buggy which runs on 24 Volt battery, Upgraded Four Bigger Driving Motors - 55 Watts Each . One of our outstanding features drive system. This ensures that one’s kids can keep trucks in whether they are riding on grass, hard surfaces such as concrete, and rough terrain. This Buggy has plenty of durability and safety features as well Ride On Car With 2.4G NEW GENERATION Remote Control - YOU CAN STOP the car FROM long distance when your child is driving near potential danger. Also remote can control speed of the car and direction Forward, Reverse, Left, and Right. !!! IF YOUR KIDS ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO CONTROL VEHICLE THEMSELVES YOU WILL BE JOYFUL TO DO IT FOR THEM TAKING THE REMOTE CONTROL IN YOUR HANDS! Two doors can be open, Adjustable Leather seat-21 inches , AUX INPUT, SD Card slot, USB, TF card socket. Working LED-Head/Tail !!! Exclusive 24 VOLT VERSION BATTERY . Four wheels suspension system !!!! Speed 4-7 km/h. Battery play time 20 to 45 minutes depending of the weight and road!
Larger UTV Model in the market- Exclusive Edition .

MiniMotoToys offers 6-Month Warranty on parts excluding batteries, tires and Chargers.
All products come with Lifetime tech support. All replacement parts for all of our toys in stock! If needed! Please note: these cars are have a plastic body, and minor blemishes in the plastic or chrome parts can occur during the shipping process; this is normal. However, clients are expected to communicate with our technical support team immediately if a product was received significantly damaged.


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